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Day 6, are we there yet?!

Well, almost, we have our final league tomorrow (106km) after 96kms today....We got of Brittany Ferries at 8.30am and arrived at our digs at 4.20pm. We stopped in Decathlon for some bike accessories and then Morlaix for un Americain Poulet and Jambon....Lunch at 56km at the Gare Scrignac, an old red brick station reminding me of the French occupation movies....checked in and then cycled for our tea (imagine that!), 3km along the canal near Rostrenen.

Tomorrow, we hope to be at Saint Armel around 5pm 🙏 and will be joined by Yves and Antoine about 50km from there....

I am sure the last few kilometres will be an emotional push, but we will make it and we know Daddy will be with us...

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